Does your Tax Accountant save you taxes?

Most CEOs & business owners believe their tax preparer is helping them pay as little tax as possible.

But that’s not true.

Your tax preparer simply prepares your tax return.

It’s impossible for them to do more than that unless they understand what the hell is going on with all those numbers? What do they say about your business? They actually have to understand how business works. If they’ve never run a business, they will never understand.

Second, to deliver value, your accountant has to create a service that actually makes a tangible difference to your business. (You can get tax prep from H&R Block.)

What tangible difference does your accountant make?

Do you make more in sales from working with them?
Do you make more in profits?
Do they help you enlarge your margins?
Do they help you understand how you can reduce costs?
Do they save money on taxes? (Easily measured concrete savings?)
Do they pull the same tax-planning rabbits out of their hats every year?
Do they create long term tax strategies?
Do they reconfigure your business for tax purposes?
Do they spinoff new entities for tax purposes?
Do they suggest techniques to avoid audit?

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